2 Layout

Application of the grid; defines how Modules are positioned.

2.1 Container

The main container

<div class="container"></div>

2.1.1 Container Intro

The first heading of the main container

Make the most of your WebView

Because it will help you.

<div class="container">
  <div class="container-intro">
    <h2>Make the most of your <code>WebView</code></h2>
    <p>Because it will help <a href="#">you</a>.</p>

2.2 Row

A class that resets the row within a container.


Explicitly set the column direction from left to right


Explicitly set the column direction from right to left


Full width row for breakout sections

<div class="row {$modifiers}"></div>

2.3 Simple Grid

Very simple grid classes. Most of the site’s grid is built into the appropriate modules for better responsive styling. When you just need a simple 3-up grid, this is the answer.


Span one of two columns


Span one of three columns


Span two of three columns

<div class="row">
  <div class="{$modifiers}">
    <img class="logo-image" src="/assets/icons/wordmark-tizen.png">
  <div class="{$modifiers}">
    <img class="logo-image" src="/assets/icons/wordmark-famous.png">
  <div class="{$modifiers}">
    <img class="logo-image" src="/assets/icons/wordmark-cocos2d.png">