XWalkJavascriptResult This interface is used when XWalkUIClient offers a JavaScript modal dialog (alert, beforeunload or confirm) to enable the client to handle the dialog in their own way. 


XWalkExtension This class represents an extension and could be implemented by callers. 
XWalkNavigationHistory This class represents a navigation history for a XWalkView instance. 
XWalkNavigationItem This class represents a navigation item and is managed in XWalkNavigationHistory. 
XWalkPreferences This class represents the preferences and could be set by callers. 
XWalkResourceClient This class notifies the embedder resource events/callbacks. 
XWalkUIClient This class notifies the embedder UI events/callbacks. 

XWalkView represents an Android view for web apps/pages. 


XWalkNavigationHistory.Direction The direction for web page navigation. 
XWalkUIClient.JavascriptMessageType The type of JavaScript modal dialog. 
XWalkUIClient.LoadStatus The status when a page stopped loading